st-peters-logo-and-name“We are called to be an authentic, vibrant, sustainable community, growing as followers of Jesus and inspiring others
to join us on that journey”

Welcome to the home for news and information about St Peters Presbyterian Church.

Worship Service 9.30am Sundays

St Peter’s is a church for ‘everyday’ people and our service is an all ages, family friendly worship and interactive service. Communion is held the first Sunday of each month.

Current sermon series


From Janauary to easter we will we working our way through Jesus jounrey to Jerusalem in Luke’s Gospel (luke 10-18).  It’s a jounrey that takes us the cetnral third of Luke’s gospel and Luke’s account fosuces on Jesus teaching on what it means to follow him. It’s a jounrey that leads Jesus to the Cross and it is one that lead us there as well… not just because we will on it till easter, but because of Jesus call to pick up our cross and follow him daily. AS such its got some very challnaging things to say to as as we individually and as a community seek to follow jesus and inspire others to join him on the jounrey…

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kids friendly logo

After the opening portion of contemporary worship the  children leave for age appropriate learning activities  at ‘Sunday Funday.’

Spiritual goals are set for each child from 3 years of age and the children are embraced through the NZ Presbyterian Church “Kids Friendly” programme.

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