Until The End Of The World…. November 11th-December 4th 2012

There has been a lot of talk recently about the end of the world… Some have picked up on the fact that the Mayan calander runs out this year in December. Hollywood have made a mint from many near and post apocolyptic films… Even our scientists are preaching doom and gloom… But what does Jesus have to say?

Over the month of november and on into december we are going to be looking at Jesus teaching on end times in whats known as the Olivet discourse in Matthew Chapter 24-25. Jesus talks about the signs of the time and then in four parables invites his disciples to think about how to live ‘until the end of the world’.


November 11th  Plenty of signs… but no time Matthew 24:1-44

November 18th  Parable of the unjust servant Matthew 24:45-51

Parable of the ten virgins Matthew 25: 1-13

November 25th Parable of the talents Matthew 25:14-30

December 2nd  Parable of the sheep and the goats

Matthew 25:31-46