Sunday Funday Term 1 2013

Welcome back to Sunday Funday and what a term we have in store for you!
First of all a special notice:  Next Sunday 10th during Sunday Funday we have a music specialist coming in – Linda Yu – who will be teaching the children the song “L-O-V-E, love that’s why” in preparation for them to perform it in church during an Easter service. Please come along to this in force as we would love to have a full entourage of children while Linda is taking time out to help us. The theme for this term is “God’s Power Workout” and we have been working on memorizing the paraphrased scripture below.   
1 Timothy 4:8 Getting pumped up at the gym is good, but becoming strong with God is better. It will give you strength forever.
We are doing praise aerobics every week as a warm up and then we head into our age groups for small group time aka our spiritual workout.
Exercise Number 1 Munch out on Gods Word everyday. To encourage the children to spend time out everyday with God.……
Exercise Number 2 Pray Hard. To encourage the children to include God in every part of their day through prayer.……
Exercise Number 3 Listen Up. To encourage the children to spend time everyday listening to God.……
Exercise Number 4 Lift up Jesus. To encourage the children to see worship as more than just singing songs, but as a time when they tell God what he means to them.……
Exercise Number 5  Never Forget. Teaching children about communion as a time of remembering the reality of what Jesus did for them.……
Exercise Number 6 Love in Action. Teaching children we are saved not to just sit, but to serve.……
Exercise Number 7 Give it heaps. Teaching children the principles of giving.


We are fortunate to have Janet leading the 0-4 yr olds, Beth leading the 5-8 yr olds and myself working with the older children. What a blessing!

For the older children who are 9+ years in age we have asked them to do daily Bible readings (they have a yellow sheet with readings listed on them). If you could encourage them to do this it will really help reinforce their lifelong learning through God’s word.

Blessings, Steph, Beth and Janet.


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