Neighbours Day 2014: a warm Invitation to come and meet the neighbours and the church

neighbours day 2014 online edition

BBQ @ St Peter’s Church

7 Harrison Road

Saturday March 29th

5:30pm –9:00pm


I’m writing to invite you to our Neighbours Day  BBQ on Saturday March 29th (5:30pm onwards).  It’s a chance to get the Harrison Road Community together, and get to know each other, over some food and fun. We’d love you to come and be part of this festive occasion.

I know you probably have some questions…

What’s Neighbours Day Aotearoa? It is a day which has been growing nationally over the last few years to encourage ‘streets to become neighbourhoods’. We’ve run a BBQ here at St Peter’s for the past two years and this year we want to focus on bringing together people who live and work in Harrison Rd along with the folk who are part of the church and the community activities that happen at St Peters.

Do you need to bring anything? Just bring something for the BBQ and something to drink and we’ll look after the rest.

What about Kids? Yes, the invite is for the whole family. We are very kids friendly here at St Peter’s. There is a safe fenced off play ground and a field out the back which we’ll have some family activities set up.

It’s at a Church is it going to be religious?  Well we will be giving thanks for the food, but that’s about the extent of it and we promise no hard sell… in fact we jokingly talk about St Peter’s and say…’St Peter’s is the church just round the corner, but not round the bend.’

Who will be coming?  We are hoping that many of the people who live in the street will come. We’ve also invited  people who come to the church here: The St Peter’s congregation that meets in the morning, and the two other churches that worship here… A Korean Church (Antioch Presbyterian) and A South American Church (Cristo Viene). We will also be inviting the families that are involved in our community groups like the St Peter’s playgroup and Mainly Music.  AS well as  people who work or study down the street.

What about the Rugby?  I’d love to say we will set up a flat screen for the Highlanders v Blues game… but we may find it a bit difficult to set up and we will understand if you want to get away to watch the game.

If you have any other inquiries and to RSVP please do not hesitate to give me a call or txt (number on the back) or email to

Rev Howard Carter