For term 1 Sunday Funday has focused on the movie Frozen and all the great themes that have emerged.

Heart: Love is an open door, Love can cure a frozen heart.

Gifts and Talents: must be used for good purposes and God’s will.

We looked at selfishness, trust, fear and unconditional and sacrificial love.

We have frozen gloves filled with water, painted symbols which magically crystallised (epsom salts!), made marshmallow men, played fear factor with icy heart shapes and jelly heart moulds and did the ultimate obstacle trust course blindfolded.

Please join us this Sunday 29th March as we summarise in the service what we have learnt this term.

And watch out for us in Term 2 with a Lego theme as the cornerstone of the church.

Jesus referred to himself as a stone rejected by most of the Jewish leaders but he would become the cornerstone of a new building – the church ( Acts 4:11,12, Mark 12:10-11 )