Family Fun Night… Trivia Quiz

family fun night trivia quiz

On Saturday Night June 27th St Peter’s is having a Family fun night here at the Church… Come join us here at St Peter’s for a family fun quiz night. Form a family team or team up with some friends it only costs $10 a team.

Starting at 5pm with a shared dinner (bring a plate)

Questions will be a mix for all ages…

If the kids get bored there will be a movie for them.

There will be prizes

Please register your team before the night so we can arrange tables etc.

Contact Owen Jones 021 1036460 or the church office 579 4428


What size are the teams?

four to six is a good size for a team.

Will the questions be Kiwi-centric?

Some of our friends who are recent arrivals to New Zealand were concerned that they might be disadvantaged… Every endeavour has been made to make the questions as wide ranging as possible.

If my kids get bored is that a problem…?

Nope we are endeavouring to make a few questions each round kids friendly… In fact it may be an advantage having a kid in your team. and if that isn’t enough if they get to bored and wrestles we will have a moive playing in our lounge for them to watch.

What do I bring for dinner?

Best idea is something easy to eat (finger food or easy to eat with a fork… desert or main is up to you…

Following His Footsteps: the Ministry of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel (major new series)

Ofollowing his footsteps the ministry of Jesus in the gospel of Luke series logoOur Parish Vision is that “we are called to be a vibrant, authentic, sustainable community, growing as followers of Jesus, and inspiring others to join us on that journey.”
At the heart of our vision is Jesus Christ and growing as a follower of his… being a vibrant, authentic, sustainable community grows out of Jesus call for us to love one another as he has loved us and his teaching on how we should do that… Inspiring others to join us on the journey of following Jesus comes out of caring for and loving and ministering to people as Jesus did.

From June 7th 2015 in our morning services we will be looking at The Ministry of Jesus in Luke’s gospel. Looking at what Jesus said and did and how it speaks to us as his followers and how it calls us to go do likewise…

Come join us Following His Footsteps…

you can read these sermons on the blogsite of our minister Howard Carter.