mainlymusic 2017


On Wednesday mornings St Peter’s is full of excited and happy preschoolers jamming to music, singing, dancing, playing drums, shaking bells, and doing other fun things and after a much-needed and well thought out and preapred morning tea having a chance to play together in our great children’s facilities.

On Wednesday mornings St peter’s is  full of mums and dads and grandparents, having a great time with their kids and also over morning tea (mmm real coffee) having a chance to talk and build community with each other and the awesome mainlymusic team. There is a lot of sharing and caring that goes on.

Some people head off and enjoy lunch together, the team organises a regular mums night out, there is help available in the form of meals made at our cook night  and a oppurtunity to serve the community and help out others by coming along to cook night for a friendly gathering to make those meals. There is a chance to find out about Jesus and the christian faith as well…

mainlymusic is kicking off for 2017 on Wednesday February 8th. If you’ve got a child or children 6mnth-4 years come along and enjoy the fun, friendship and caring at mainlymusic.