Combined Easter Service April 16th 2017

On Easter Sunday at St Peter’s there was a combined service with Antioch Korean Presbyterian Church, that holds it services at the Church on Sunday Afternoons. It was a wonderful occasion and a chance to get together and celebrate the Good news of jesus resurrection.

It was a multi-cultural event, Easter greetings “He is Risen, He is risen indeed’ we given in six different languages… English, New Zealand sign language, Korean ,Samoan, Tongan and Chinese. Jesus is alive is truly good news for all people and every nation.

Songs were sung in English and Korean together, Prayers were offered for the reunification of the Korea in English and korean, The Lord’s prayer and Blessing were said in the four main languages represented in the service. Bible readings were done in Korean and English (with the words in both on the screen)… and invited guest preacher Rev Kim Chong Woo preached a message about the facts and meaning of the resurrection in both Korean and English.

The service was followed by a shared lunch, jokingly called pizza and kimchi.

Thanks to David Na and his worship team for leading music in English and Korean, our organist Stewart Arnett who found hymns we could use in English and Korean and played them so well. For people who were willing to share their culture and language in the service, our team of techie

…and pastor James Park and rev Howard Carter for the effort and energy that went into organising the event.

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