Venue Hire / Room Rent

St Peter’s Presbyterian Church has modern, accessible, facilities with great parking. We are happy to facilitate the use of our property by community organisations and for private functions. We are well-situated near the Ellerslie turnoff on the motorway: turn off Ellerslie/ Panmure Highway at St John’s Ambulance Headquarters.

These facilities require regular maintenance and upkeep, and so we make a charge that helps us to keep these buildings in great condition.

Please phone to arrange a time to inspect the premises to establish which facilities may be the most appropriate to your needs.

Facilities available:
Auditorium (data screen, organ, sound system)
Lounge (tea and coffee making facilities, small fridge, microwave)
Function Room with Kitchen (microwave, oven, dishwasher, hot water urn)
Children’s room (whiteboard, piano)

Church Office Phone:      579 4428
Booking Coordinator: Greg Watkins


Facilities available:

Room   Seating capacity Rentals (per hour) Notes



Extra charge for use of organ $20 or piano $10



Includes use of full kitchen and outside play area



Has beverage facilities



Hiring the Auditorium with any other room will reduce the combined hourly rate by $10

Minimum Booking fee $50

A bond equal to the charge may be requested from outside groups with bookings.

Individual rooms and time required must be booked in advance for each engagement required, regardless of whether it is intended to be a regular scheduled meeting or not.

Please call in or contact the church office or Greg Watkins in order to book. Appointments so entered will then have priority unless the rooms are required urgently for church business, in which case you will be advised as soon as possible.


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